Three Steps to Success: What one ‘has’, ‘does’ and ‘is’

Related imageThe ladder of success seems to have three main steps:

(1) Initially, it’s what one “has” that counts-that is, status depends upon visible signs of material wealth;

(2) as one progresses, status is afforded by what one “does,” rather than what one has-at this level on the ladder, one’s position and activities bring significant social status, but the attraction of social roles loses glamour as one achieves mastery and matures, for it’s what one has accomplished that is important;

(3) and finally, one is concerned only with what one has become as a result of life’s experiences-such people have a charismatic “presence” that is the outer manifestation of the grace of their inner power. In their company, we feel the effect of the powerful attractor energy patterns that they’re aligned with and that they reflect.

Success comes as the automatic consequence of aligning one’s life with high-power energy patterns.

Power vs. Force By: David R. Hawkins


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