Insight is enough

Related imageYou have to see what I am saying, you are not to learn what I am saying. Here, sitting with me every day, listening to me, don’t start collecting knowledge. Here, listening to me, don’t start hoarding. Listening to me should be an experiment in insight. You should listen with intensity, with totality, with as much awareness as is possible for you. In that very awareness you will see a point, and that very seeing is transformation. Not that you have to do something else afterward; the seeing itself brings mutation. If some effort is needed, that simply shows you missed. If you come tomorrow and ask me, “I have understood that knowledge is the curse, that knowledge creates distance. Now, how do I drop it?” – then you missed. If the “how” arises, then you missed. The “how” cannot arise, because the “how” is asking for more knowledge. The “how” is asking for methods, techniques: “What should be done?” And insight is enough; it need not be helped by any efforts. Its fire is more than enough to burn all knowledge that you carry within you. Just see the point.

The Heart Sutra: Becoming a Buddha through Meditation By Osho


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