Pressure is a force applied from the outside. Intensity is a power that comes from within you…

The only thing that thrives on pressure is a tire. Now, you might be one of those people who says, “but wait, I use pressure all the time in order to produce results.” Notice that I used the word “thrive”. Yes, you might be producing the results but not in a way that takes care of you.Image result for intensity Continue reading

The world of scarcity and struggle that we imagine for ourselves becomes a self-fulfilling reality..

While playing on a hot summer day, two young children notice a dripping garden hose. The drop-by-drop trickle provides them with a desire for a real thirst-quenching gulp. But as they grab the hose from one another they feel the lack of real fulfilment.
They spend all their time rather than using their creativity to follow the hose to its source and turn on the faucet. Continue reading