Magnanimity is not a common term….

Magnanimity is not a common term. Many people do not recognize it when they hear it. But they know it immediately when it is explained, and most know it as one of the areas they can personally improve upon. For too many of us are quick to seek revenge, swift to criticize, fast to find fault, and speedy to get even. Yes, too many of us are slow to hold our tongues, slow to forgive, and even slower to forget. One of the leading reasons for a lack of magnanimity is what I call a scarcity mentality.Image result for abundance Continue reading

Experience always remains open – that means unfinished…..Belief is always complete and finished.

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A king went to a Zen master to learn gardening. The master taught him for three years, and the king had a beautiful, big garden – thousands of gardeners were employed there – and whatsoever the master would say, the king would go and experiment in his garden. After three years the garden was absolutely ready, and the king invited the master to come and see the garden. The king was very nervous because the master was strict: “Will he appreciate?” This was going to be a kind of examination: “Will he say, ‘Yes, you have understood me’?” Every care was taken. The garden was so beautifully complete; nothing was missing. Only then did the king bring the master to see it. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Learning

Related imageI think there is a process of learning which is not related to wanting to be taught. Being confused, most of us want to find someone who will help us not to be confused, and therefore we are merely learning or acquiring knowledge in order to conform to a particular pattern; and it seems to me that all such forms of learning must invariably lead not only to further confusion but also to deterioration of the mind. Continue reading

Don’t be too sane, because too much sanity leads to insanity…..Let a little craziness exist in you!

An old woman, eighty-five years old, was asked by a journalist that if she had to live again, how would she live? The old woman said – there is a great insight in it, remember it – “If I had my life to live over, I would dare to make more mistakes next time. I would relax, I would limber up. I would be sillier than I have been this trip. I would take fewer things seriously. I would take more chances. Continue reading

Simple Tools of Great Value

Image result for spiritual valueSimple tools consistently applied will result in the revelation of spiritual truths that do not have to be acquired intellectually because they present themselves with great clarity. In addition, they only present themselves when suitable and serviceable, and because they are not an acquisition of the mind, they do not end up as spiritual vanity. Continue reading

Our challenge is to see the seed or opportunity buried in the soil of conflict – Lofty Thoughts?

Image result for I am building a cathedralIn the well-known story about the three bricklayers, working side by side, each is asked what he is doing. The first replies, “I am laying bricks.” The second says, “I am constructing a wall.” But the third answers, “I am building a cathedral.” To lead through conflict, we face the challenge of holding a vision of the cathedral, a vision of what is possible. Our challenge is to see the seed or opportunity buried in the soil of conflict. Of course, sometimes the conflict is so entrenched and bitter that we feel helpless. Overwhelmed by grief, sorrow, or rage, we wonder if there will ever be any progress at all. But even in the most tragic circumstances, the seed of opportunity often lies just beneath the surface. 

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we come factory equipped for cooperation, compassion, and generosity..

Image result for dalai lama desmond tutu forgivenessThere are four independent brain circuits that influence our lasting well-being, Davidson explained.

The first is “our ability to maintain positive states.” It makes sense that the ability to maintain positive states or positive emotions would directly impact one’s ability to experience happiness. These two great spiritual leaders were saying that the fastest way to this state is to start with love and compassion. Continue reading