Thought of the Week – 15th May 2023 (2)


Life can be really and truly simple, if we don’t fight it.

In one’s natural, immediate attention or awareness, there are no boundaries, no separate items of manifestation, unless and until thought intrudes and directs specific concentration on a particular thing.
And this is what creates separation, along with the whole chain of other thoughts and reactions, that lead to every kind of conflict and unhappiness, which we then interpret as bondage.

But the realization, that boundaries are a product of thought, is at once the realization, that the separation caused by these boundaries and the conflicts that ensue, are ALL an illusion.

– Ramesh Balsekar

( Contributed by Mr Balasunder)

Thought of the Week – 17th April 2023

In China a revolutionary step was taken two thousand years ago. Under the new system the doctor had to be paid by the patient as long as the patient remained healthy. If the patient fell sick, then the doctor was not to be paid. That seems very strange. We pay the doctor when we are sick, and he makes us healthy again. But this is dangerous, because you are making the doctor dependent on your sickness. Sickness becomes his interest: the more people fall sick, the more he can earn. His interest becomes not health but sickness……

Ayurveda is future, but budget allocation is stuck in past
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