We don’t have to wait for the world to change for our lives to change.

Are we destined to live with ever more divisive politics and ever more divided societies, growing inequalities and increasing loneliness, less public regard for truth and ever more determined efforts to ban and demonize the voices with which we disagree? Can we restore the trust and civility of public life and private relationships, or are the only institutions that matter the market and the state, the relentless pursuit of wealth and power? Can we change? My argument is that we can. There is one idea that whenever it has been applied has had the power to change the world. Cultures can shift from “I” to “We.”…..

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Jack Dorsey On Solitude, Self-Care & Shouldering The Health of Global Conversation

( Recommended by Craig C)

Imagine shouldering responsibility of one of the planet’s largest social networks. Now imagine that’s just one of your jobs, the second focused on reinventing the world’s relationship with money.

This is Jack Dorsey’s life.

The co-founder and CEO of both Twitter and Square, today’s guest is one of the most influential figures of the modern age — a man who has made an indelible impact on our cultural landscape by quite literally shaping how society communicates in the emergent digital era.

What started as a simple means to share personal status updates, Twitter has swelled into arguably the most important social media platform for breaking news, journalism, and political discourse. A powerful tool for speaking truth to power, it’s put wind in the sails of important social movements. Provided safe haven for whistle blowers. And given marginalized groups and dissidents a voice that can be heard across the globe.

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