“Drop the Rock!”

Our fear of change, our fear of stepping into new realities, is so deep that we desperately cling to the world we know. We often mistake familiarity for safety. The perceived comfort we derive from what is familiar keeps us living in the illusion of our stories. But the question we should ponder is, Are we really safe inside our stories? Instead of risking change, we hold on for dear life and resist the uncertainty of the unknown.drop the rock mantraI once read a story about a woman swimming across a lake with a rock in her hand. As this woman neared the center of the lake, she started to sink from the weight of the stone. “Drop the rock,” shouted some people who were watching from the shore. But the woman kept swimming, now disappearing for moments at a time under the water. “Drop the rock!” the onlookers hollered louder. The woman had reached the middle of the lake and was now sinking as much as she was swimming. Once more the people urged, “Drop the rock!”

And as the woman disappeared from sight for the last time, they heard her say,

“I can’t. It’s mine.”

The Secret of the Shadow: The Power of Owning Your Story By: Debbie Ford


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