Value of authentic connection

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“The human need for psychological contact is strong enough that even moderate increases in psychological contact are of great personal and psychological value to clients. If a client connects with another human being while he or she is making sense in some ways but not others, this in itself is likely to bring a lessening of that client’s existential aloneness and anxiety.

… And, if anything, clients who have difficulty establishing or maintaining contact have greater need to have someone stay with them while they struggle to find their own voice. Honouring the existential freedom to decide what matters and why it matters becomes more important in therapeutic relationships in which contact is difficult given the fact that these clients find this sort of respect, freedom and personal expression so hard to come by in the rest of their lives”.

-Psychological Contact, meaningful process and human nature : a reformulation of person centred therapy – M.S.Warner

( Contributed by Dharshi)

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