Value of authentic connection

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“The human need for psychological contact is strong enough that even moderate increases in psychological contact are of great personal and psychological value to clients. If a client connects with another human being while he or she is making sense in some ways but not others, this in itself is likely to bring a lessening of that client’s existential aloneness and anxiety.

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What’s the point of doing the same things over and over again?


The work world knows all about competence. Most evaluations and rewards are determined by a person’s competence. Vocational guidance emphasizes it in testing which areas of work one would be most competent in. Transfers and promotions are based upon competence. In business and the professions, you get in and get ahead by demonstrating your competence. But somewhere along the way—as early as thirty-five for some people, but as late as fifty-five for others—competence begins to lose its force as a source of motivation.

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