Sleepwalking is a fascinating phenomenon……

 I once read about a whole family afflicted with this problem. On one occasion everyone got out of bed, still sound asleep, to go to the kitchen for a midnight snack. In the morning no one could explain where the food in the refrigerator had gone.

The Buddha would call all of us sleepwalkers. We go through the motions of living with little more awareness than someone who is dreaming. If we could watch our thoughts, we would find that instead of being here and now, our attention is constantly wandering everywhere and everywhen else – to the past, to the future, to fantasy lands where reality has never visited. Living in the present is simply a matter of being fully awake, which is what the word buddha literally means. When most of our attention is trapped in the past and future, we are bankrupt for the present. We are complete paupers here and now. That is why, when a little problem comes, we sometimes feel as if we have been crushed by the Himalayas. It is not the problem that burdens us; that is only an anthill. It is the bankruptcy of resources for the present that makes us feel unable to cope with the challenge.

Strength in the Storm by Eknath Easwaran

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