Humility, unlike humiliation, is liberating

Image result for humility cartoon When you feel humble, you don’t mind acknowledging your flaws and getting creative with your limitations. Narcissists resist humility, confusing it with humiliation….

….Where pride closes the heart and defends us from others, humility opens the heart and allows others in…

…..Humility opens the door to wisdom and makes spiritual growth possible, reminding you that the magic circle is within—and that the only person who can put you into exile is yourself…

Are you willing to tell the truth if it costs you membership in “the magic circle”? Where in your life are you inauthentic in order to gain acceptance and social protection?

lack of humility may be blocking your psychological and spiritual growth…..

Writing to Awaken: A Journey of Truth, Transformation, and Self-Discovery by Mark Matousek and Joan Borysenko

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