Organisations becoming Self Aware

My colleagues and I focus on helping a system develop greater self-knowledge in three critical areas.

  1. People need to be connected to the fundamental identity of the organization or community. Who are we? Who do we aspire to become? How shall we be together?
  2. And people need to be connected to new information. What else do we need to know? Where is this new information to be found?
  3. And people need to be able to reach past traditional boundaries and develop relationships with people anywhere in the system. Who else needs to be here to do this work with us?

As a system inquires into these three domains of identity, information, and relationships, it becomes more self-aware. It has become more connected to the truth of who it is, more connected to its environment and customers, more connected to people everywhere in the system. These new connections develop greater capacity; the system becomes healthier.

Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World
by Margaret J. Wheatley

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