Book of the Month – May 2023 – Beyond The Known : Realisation by Paul Selig

An incredible journey of enlightenment

New York City author Paul Selig is a channeler, a man able to communicate with guides from the beyond, and in doing so provides important lessons for his readers. It has been said, ‘In a world of would-be psychics making great claims for themselves with little evidence to back them up, Paul Selig is the real thing. His books occupy a special place in the literature of channeled messages.’ ‘BEYOND THE KNOWN: REALIZATION is the most audacious of The Guides teachings to date.’ urgent, strong, always clear and lucid, and told with grace and wit.’

Well educated – both at New York University and at Yale – Paul experienced a spiritual experience in 1987 that rendered him a clairvoyant and his books on channeled literature are considered by many to be the zenith in the field. He maintains a practice as an intuitive in New York City and serves on the faculty of the Esalen Institute.

REALIZATION is Volume 1 of the Beyond the Known trilogy and describes how each of us can claim the true expression of who we are – the Divine Self, the True Self, or the Christed Self. Paul offers a twenty-eight day journey of enlightenment accompanied by The Guides – the goal is working toward manifesting the Divine Self, discovering and accepting self-awareness. Special moments arise on this journey – ‘You may choose to stay where you are. You are loved as you are. You cannot fail here. But, if you give it permission, the self permission, to claim the truth of who you have always been, we will lift you to the new classroom, and from here we will teach you…’

For doubters, simply read this book and by the end of the experience your life will be enhanced. 

If you have ever wondered who you are, what this world is and what you were meant to do this is the book for you. Book by book the guides become our teachers on self worth, healing our traumas, love, and understanding the why of this world, to going beyond what we could know and understand in a world filled with strife, fear, and anger to the being we truly are. There may be moments of disbelief for at times it feels so far from what we have learned, yet so many experiences occur to each individual combined with loving words of guidance and understanding that we are gently led to realize our relationship with and to, for lack of a better word, God in spite of our disbelief. In this latest book that builds upon the teachings the experiential energy that is felt is incredible, and we are taken even further beyond what we have known and been told. When asked I always advise to start where you feel drawn, but for me it was starting at book four and then realizing I needed to go to book one, I Am The Word.

Overall Paul’s channeled books while not a religious text by any means, has taught me more of who our source is and what we are to it, and who we are individually, while allowing me to experience it, than the hundreds of books I have read that left me feeling I still did not have the answers. These books, each and every one are profound and will change you and your life. The guides are of source as is the guidance we receive and it is with relief that finally, finally, finally, I feel I am learning the truth of who I am that is not distorted by human perception.

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