Achieving Higher Frequency in Energy

WE NOW ASK YOU TO SEE BEFORE YOU A LADDER. AND it is a wooden ladder and it is very, very straight. And you stand at the base of the ladder and you look up and you cannot see the top of the ladder because it goes so high into the clouds. And we ask you now to place your hands on the rungs of the ladder. And you feel them in your hands as wood, as smooth, as solid, and as supporting you clearly and capably in their firmness. And you put one hand above the other and you begin to rise up the ladder, one rung at a time. And as you do, your frequency begins to lift and you begin to move higher and higher in frequency as you rise up on this ladder in energy.

And as you are reaching the top of the ladder, you become surrounded by a Christ light, a vibration of light, a golden white light that surrounds you and encases you and you feel this around you, and you relax into this light and you let this light carry you. You feel yourself drifting off the ladder and into this wonderful cloud of golden white light. And you feel yourself floating here, in this space, in this golden space, where you are carried in a cloud of energy. In this place, you begin to ask yourself, “What do I want for myself more than anything? What is the growth that I require for myself? And what is the experience of wonder that will align me to the possibility that I am in this process of alignment to the Christ?” Now we ask the energy around you to begin to fill you. You begin to absorb the energy of the cloud that you are in. And you are actually merging with the golden white light that you have been in, comfortably, floating. And as you merge with this light, you feel every cell in your being aligned to the frequency of the Christ vibration. You feel every cell in your body, in your consciousness, in your energy field aligning fully to the vibration of Jesus as Christ, as whole, as manifested, as the light, as whatever you need to call yourself forth as in this creation. Just be comfortable in your belief you are becoming one with your own higher frequency. That is all that is happening here. Period. Now we will go down the ladder. The ladder is before you. And as you walk down the ladder, you bring your higher frequency with you, and you stand now in your room, in this place that you live, and you feel your frequency align to a higher level of creation. And you walk about your day in this creation comfortably, easily, and in wonder.

I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man’s Self in a Transitioning Time (Mastery Trilogy/Paul Selig Series)

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