The Latifa is an ancient Sufi prayer meant to connect us with the essence of our being

I exist

I desire

I hope

I believe and I trust

I let go and Just be

I love and give my heart a chance to speak

I am prepared.

Praying the Latifa

  • First, place your right hand on your left hip by the help of your left hand. Then say aloud: “I exist.” Breathe steady and softly and think about the reason why you’re existing.
  • With the help of your left hand, place your right hand on your right hip. Say to yourself: “I desire.” Think about the things you desire and be aware how they influence your life.
  • Bring your right hand to your left lung with your left hand. Say to yourself: “I hope.”How does hope feel? No matter how difficult the path may be that you’re walking, you can always restore to hope.
  • Bring your right hand to your right lung. Say out loud: “I believe and I trust.”  Believe and trust will make you stronger and will help you to let go of uneasiness of hope. Trust follows from hope.
  • Place your right hand on your neck. Say: “I let go.” This area consists of all the things you keep to yourself like sadness, anger and your own voice. Because of letting these things slip out your mind, you will breathe better.From trust you move into an even higher trust. No need to worry. Let go and just be.
  • Place your right hand on the center of your chest. Tell yourself: “I love.” Loving is one of the strongest and purest feelings we have. Give your heart a chance to speak. Bring out your deepest desires. Feel how this power radiates from your being and encompasses all that is around you.
  • To finish the prayer, bring your right hand above your bellybutton. Place your left hand on top of it and say the words: “I am prepared.” Being prepared will connect you with your own voice. Know that you have the power, the strength, the courage and all the love you need.

With the Latifa-Prayer you can find your inner peace and through this, you become happier. This experience is only for yourself, to become more aware of your own peace and inner strength. It will be easier to understand your deepest feelings because of the prayer. This knowledge can make your day a little more pleasant, and your life a little easier!

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