What lessons might the universe be nudging you to learn?

Image result for heed the nudge from the universeWith intellectual courage, you can question all you know about what can “never” occur, what “always” happens, what “everyone” knows and does, and what “no one” will ever understand or accept. You can recognize the cultural myths you’ve accepted unquestioningly, which have kept you trapped in a nightmare, and begin to reconsider them.

Then you can open yourself up to possibilities that the universe presents to you and step into the flow of your river. You don’t want to get stuck endlessly analyzing yourself and becoming enthralled by the workings of your psyche and emotions. What’s important is to let go of judgments about yourself, others, and your situation—simply observe it all with curiosity. When you access intellectual courage, you can start thinking anew about what you’re doing and why events are unfolding as they are. What lessons might the universe be nudging you to learn?

Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World into Being – Alberto Villoldo

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