Choosing a New Year Gift – Importance of Genuine Intent

Image result for giving and receivingEverything in nature gives with a grace that comes of selfless giving. Even the tree lets falls its fruit into our lap. Mother Earth bears serenely our insults yet she cradles us nourishes us with every grain of Riceland wheat that we eat. We have free air to breathe and water to drink. 

Loving speech is also a kind of generosity. Kind words could gift sunshine to a dark life . Generosity of spirit brings two hearts together in joy. True communication through loving speech and deep listening is a loving gift. How often do we hold back such gifts , even from our close friends and family?You are gifting your love when you caress a wrinkled hand ; you are gifting sunshine when you make someone smile; you are gifting God’s gentle care when you help, protect or embrace with warmth the less privileged. You gift even when you sit near a lonely heart and assure him that you are there. Such a gifting ‘blesses the giver and the taker alike’. A sympathetic understanding of your fellow beings entails a restful and unhurried listening.

True love is the giving of the most expensive gift – your time. The gift of your alert and loving presence to the ones you love is getting rarer these days. To make oneself available to the one you love is the most treasured gift one can give. The most valuable gift is the gift of your valuable presence; else it is not love.

Time is what life is giving us without a thought of what we may give life in return. When we give with expectation, then that is not a gift.Human bonds get strengthened when giving and loving are unconditional. This New Year , let us choose a gift wisely and without expectation.

Prarthna  Saran , President, Chinmaya Mission , Delhi

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