The Only Thing I can Change is Myself

The greatest reason for our need to know ourselves is that we may become greater channels for the expression of the living spirit in helpfulness to others.

Image result for I Wanted To Change The WorldThere is a world in pain, suffering, and darkness awaiting a new dawn, a new age, a new consciousness, and the fulfillment of a new covenant. Every one of us can make a greater contribution to this need than we tend ever to imagine. The contribution to be made is not at the level of governments or agencies or organizations, but rather in the change within ourselves. Through attunement and application we may become channels through which the living Spirit may flow. Remember that the unit through which God may express in the earth is the individual soul. It is only by changed individuals that we may have changed groups, organizations, governments, and nations of the world.

The Edgar Cayce Primer: Discovering the Path to Self Transformation
Herbert Puryear


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