counting one’s blessings….

Image result for count your blessingsOne obstacle in the quest for developing an optimistic outlook is the feeling of regret for what has passed. Regret is a mental energy thief and mental energy is essential to optimism and personal power. Dwelling in the regret lane is also immobilizing. Above all, regret clouds our perception of the present and the future. Truly optimistic individuals are able to move on and let go, without losing faith in themselves and in their future. It’s as though their vision allows them to see around the corner and what they see there, invisible to others, is better than what is. The coach is driven by the belief that they can make tomorrow better than today—for themselves and for others. And while they expect to receive more, they are not derailed if they receive less. So how do you develop this belief in a better tomorrow and the ability to deal with less than what was desired as situations evolve? The secret to accomplishing this is choosing the somewhat blissful and ennobling state of appreciation, experiencing the power of gratitude, and counting one’s blessings.

The Master Coach: Leading with Character, Building Connections, and Engaging in Extraordinary Conversations by Gregg Thompson


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