Idiot – Part 2 – What is the Psychology of Condemnation?

Image result for condemnationA yogi cannot condemn. Only a completely unconscious person enjoys condemning. What is the psychology of condemning? Most people in the world have fallen into condemning. What is its psychology? Its psychology is clear and very simple. Every person wants the status for his ego that I am the greatest. It is very difficult to prove this. It is difficult to prove that I am the greatest because everyone else is trying to prove it. And they are all trying to prove only one thing that they are the greatest. How many people can be the greatest? Such fierce fighting ensues that it is almost impossible to win. Who can win? Every person will fight against billions of others. Defeat is certain.

In this, all will be defeated. In this, no one can ascend. So the mind finds an easy remedy. The mind says: it may be difficult to prove that I am the greatest but it is easy to prove that no one is greater than me.

Remember it is always very difficult to prove the affirmative of anything. A negative statement is always easy. For instance if you want to prove that god exists it is very difficult. Your life will have to pass through the fire of austerities. Even then it is unknown when the proof will happen ??? in this lifetime, in many lives? But that god does not exist can be proven right now. There is no problem.

 – Osho Death is Divine

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