Idiot – Part 2 – What is the Psychology of Condemnation?

Image result for condemnationA yogi cannot condemn. Only a completely unconscious person enjoys condemning. What is the psychology of condemning? Most people in the world have fallen into condemning. What is its psychology? Its psychology is clear and very simple. Every person wants the status for his ego that I am the greatest. Continue reading

The Idiot

Image result for the idiotIn a village there was a fool. He was very upset because no matter what he said people laughed at him. People had decided he was a blithering idiot. Even when he said something right people still laughed at him.

He lived cowering, not daring even to speak. If he didn’t speak people laughed, if he spoke people laughed. If he did something people laughed, if he didn’t do anything people laughed. A monk came to the village.

That night the fool fell at the monk’s feet and said, “Give me some blessing. is my whole life to be spent shrinking and cowering like this? Will I die a blithering idiot? Is there no way I can become a little intelligent?” Continue reading