Book Recommendation – The Eye of the I from which Nothing is Hidden by David R Hawkins

1. The way out of conflict is not to try to eliminate the negative but instead to choose and adopt the positive. To view that one’s mission in life is to understand rather than to judge automatically resolves moral dilemmas. 
Meaning is defined by context which determines motive. It is the motive that establishes spiritual value.
2. Opinions are dangerous to their owners because they are emotionally charged triggers for the dissent, strife, argument, and positionality.
3. Attitude: The primary quality is one of attitude in that one looks at life not as a place to acquire gain, but as an opportunity for learning, which abounds even the smallest of life’s details.4. Willingness—It means letting go of resistance and finding joy of going one hundred and one percent.
5. Acceptance—everything serves a purpose.
6. The joy that follows facing any spiritual fear comes from the discovery that it was merely an illusion without basis or reality.
7. Faith and belief are necessary to start a journey, but verifiable knowledge is necessary to complete it.
8. When one’s attitude towards everything becomes a devotion, Divinity reveals itself.
9. The secret of success is to choose one concept or spiritual tool and pursue it with intensity, non-stop, to its ultimate end.
10. Physical Death: The freedom to choose is present. Salvation is assisted by devotion to spiritual truth and its teachers. The mercy of God is infinite and unconditional. The soul alone has the power to determine its own fate. Each soul is attracted to the appropriate level with absolute precision.”– Charmin

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