we come factory equipped for cooperation, compassion, and generosity..

Image result for dalai lama desmond tutu forgivenessThere are four independent brain circuits that influence our lasting well-being, Davidson explained.

The first is “our ability to maintain positive states.” It makes sense that the ability to maintain positive states or positive emotions would directly impact one’s ability to experience happiness. These two great spiritual leaders were saying that the fastest way to this state is to start with love and compassion. Continue reading

Bringing Peace and Harmony

Image result for peacefulWhat has caused the present conditions, not alone at home but abroad? It is that realization that was asked some thousands of years ago, “Where is thy brother? His blood cries to me from the ground!” and the other portion of the world has answered, is answering, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The world, as a world—that makes for the disruption, for the discontent—has lost its ideal. Continue reading

True Nature of Prayer

Question : I want to ask something from God. What should I ask?

Osho: Go to God’s door as a lover, not as a beggar.….
…….Firstly : don’t ask for anything. That is meditation, that is feeling, that is the state of no mind. Secondly: if you do ask, then ask for godliness, ask for such a kindness that you can be accepted.

But if this much love has not arisen, then just ask that your heart is filled with love:

Fill my heart with so much love today
That I become a rejoicing lamp.
Place a drop of honey on my tongue today
So that I can even drink venom, singing.

Don’t fall below this. If you go below this then prayer becomes completely corrupted, it is no longer prayer.

From Die O Yogi Die By Osho Continue reading

Book Recommendation – The Edgar Cayce Primer – Discovering the path to Self Transformation

“While Edgar Cayce may indeed be “the sleeping prophet,” Herbert Puryear is some type of angel himself in how he interprets Cayce’s work. This book is so far beyond anything I’ve read in the spiritual/New Age realm that it needs to take its place in the pantheon of all-time great non-fiction works.

As others have noted, Puryear’s tone is almost scientific, but don’t fear boredom or confusion by my using that word. Each sentence is so loaded with such profound truths and wisdoms that very often, I could only read a few paragraphs before having to put it down in order to reflect on what I’d just read. Puryear is a genius, pure and simple, and it’s his generosity of heart and spirit that gives the work a poignancy one finds in any great work of art. Believe me, it’s that good.

This will have a permanent home on my bookshelf, and I’m sure that as I read it again and again, I’ll discover buried truths I didn’t see (or wasn’t ready for) the first time around.”

Seriously, I can’t believe someone is out there who can write this well. Do yourself a favor and buy it.

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