Image result for stillnessThe word mouna has two meanings. The first is silence. Learning to be silent is a practice of pratyahara. Speech, or shabda as it is known in Sanskrit, is an expression of prana shakti or pranic force. A lot of energy is wasted in speech. If you analyze what you say during the day, you will understand that very little speech is constructive or worthwhile. The more you speak the more pranic energy you lose; the less you speak the more pranic energy you conserve. We all like to chat but there is no awareness, no concept, of words being related with prana or energy. If you have to give a lecture for one hour continuously, you feel tired afterwards. Why? You only spoke, you did no physical exercise, yet you feel tired. This is due to the loss of pranic energy. So if you can control your speech, you retain the pranic energy. Continue reading