Book of the Month – October 2020 (2) – Morality by Jonathan Sacks

How can we build – or rebuild – a collective culture that is able to both respect difference and draw us together to work for the common good? Talking to key modern influences and thinkers, and drawing inspiration from the Bible and the historical experience of the Jewish people, Sacks argues that there are eight key factors in establishing, maintaining and passing on resilient moral values within a broad group, among them attitudes of lifelong learning and of thanksgiving, the importance of family life and community, and a culture of positive argument in place of destructive conflict.

Combining his passionate belief in a positive way forward with a careful weighing of the realities and challenges of the position in which we find ourselves, Jonathan Sacks sets out a clear picture of a world in which we can all find our place and build a future worth working for.

“Rabbi Sacks offers his wisdom in a time of ever-growing lack of morality. He offers up his own personal anecdotes along with Jewish wisdom to show the importance of restoring morality in the world. We need to shift out of the “I” and into the “We””


A thought-provoking and timely book. It is beautifully written and insightful. I found myself in agreement with much of what I read. Despite the overall picture of a divided and dysfunctional society the book offers plenty of ideas and examples of how and why this could and should be different. Ultimately this was an uplifting read which has the potential to make a positive difference to the status quo.”

Henry Dark

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