There is nothing to be done today but transform.

“The landscape that you exist in requires transformation. You cannot be the new person standing in the old kitchen looking at the old pots and pans that cooked yesterday’s dinner. Everything is made new in Christ. That is actually a promise in the Jesus teachings. “Behold, I make things new.” This is a promise that you are now in as well. Now the kitchen that you stand in with yesterday’s pots are still there, but they will be perceived anew. And then you will have to decide whether you want to wash your pots, replace your pots, or move to a new city where you have new pots or no pots at all. Your changes will be made clear to you through your own vocation, through your own knowing, through your own requirements for the life that you will live once you have changed into yourself more fully. There is nothing to be done today but transform.”

Paul Selig

We don’t have to wait for the world to change for our lives to change.

Are we destined to live with ever more divisive politics and ever more divided societies, growing inequalities and increasing loneliness, less public regard for truth and ever more determined efforts to ban and demonize the voices with which we disagree? Can we restore the trust and civility of public life and private relationships, or are the only institutions that matter the market and the state, the relentless pursuit of wealth and power? Can we change? My argument is that we can. There is one idea that whenever it has been applied has had the power to change the world. Cultures can shift from “I” to “We.”…..

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