Some Questions to reflect upon from time to time – better than dozing off and/or sleep walking into our next thing…..

What is truly important in my life?

What would I really like to be and do in my life?

What are my greatest strengths? What are my talents, possibilities, and true potential?

If I had unlimited time and resources, what would I do? What are my deepest priorities?

Which relationships do I wish to be lasting? Who is the one person who has made the greatest positive impact in my life? What must I do, and how must I manage my life, to constantly nurture these vital relationships?

What kind of person do I wish to become? What are the principles I would like to live by?

What have been my happiest moments?

How do I want to be remembered?

And, finally, how can I serve others in a meaningful way throughout my life?

How to Develop Your Personal Mission Statement  by Stephen R. Covey

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