focus on our actions, our effort, our hustle, rather than the results

Related imageStrive to continue forward, but always concentrate on the action at hand, making it most effective. Do not mar your action by concentration on the success or future results of the action.

You must learn to choose actions to fulfil your obligations and not merely to gain immediate success or failure. Your business is with your duty only, never with the reward or merit accruing from it. Let not the fruit of action entangle you in your actions.

Just be in the struggle. That is your bounden duty. Work for work’s sake, knowing it will eventually take you to your ultimate goal. Work well accomplished is the joy of life. Be indifferent towards the pleasure or pain, joy or sorrow, honour or dishonour, which may accrue out of your actions. Your life is enriched by accomplishment of right action rather than outward success or failure. Take up your work without an axe to grind. You must do what you ought to do in life. Go about it with an independent spirit. Like a sportsman takes to his sport. Work then becomes a pleasure. Pleasure or happiness lies in the garb of work.

Bhagavad Gita – A. Parthasarathy

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