Self Realisation

Image result for satguruIt is not self-achievement, self-attainment, or self-victory; it is self-realization. You do not invent anything; you do not achieve anything; you do not climb and stand on a peak. You just realize the stupidity of being right here and not seeing the obvious nature of life. That is why when someone realizes, they generally withdraw, because they feel blissfully ashamed. “Something that’s always been here, I could have known any moment. But it took me lifetimes of doing circus to know this. How to show my face, that I’ve been so stupid?” When you don’t know that you are stupid, you can be proud and brave with the world. The moment you realize, you are embarrassed, but the whole world wants to worship you, it’s an awkward situation.

– Sadguru

(contributed by Mr.Balasunder)

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