Self Realisation

Image result for satguruIt is not self-achievement, self-attainment, or self-victory; it is self-realization. You do not invent anything; you do not achieve anything; you do not climb and stand on a peak. You just realize the stupidity of being right here and not seeing the obvious nature of life. That is why when someone realizes, they generally withdraw, because they feel blissfully ashamed. “Something that’s always been here, I could have known any moment. But it took me lifetimes of doing circus to know this. How to show my face, that I’ve been so stupid?” When you don’t know that you are stupid, you can be proud and brave with the world. The moment you realize, you are embarrassed, but the whole world wants to worship you, it’s an awkward situation.

– Sadguru

(contributed by Mr.Balasunder)

Book Recommendation – Conscious Immortality by Paul Brunton and Munagala Venkataramiah

Conscious Immortality by [Brunton, Paul, Venkataramiah, Munagala]

“So long as there is the sense of separation, there will be afflicting thoughts. If the original source is regained and the sense of separation is ended, there is peace. Consider what happens when a stone is thrown up. It leaves its source, is propelled up, tries to come down and is always in motion until it regains its source where it is at rest. So also the waters of the ocean evaporate, form clouds which are moved by winds, condense into water, and fall as rain, and the waters roll down the hill tops in streams and rivers until they reach their original source, the ocean, reaching which they are at peace. Thus you see where there is a sense of separateness from the source, there is agitation and movement until the sense of separateness is lost. So it is with yourself. Now that you identify yourself with the body, you think that you are separate. You must regain your source before this false identity ceases and you are happy. Gold is not an ornament but the ornament is nothing but gold. Whatever shapes the ornament may assume and however different the shapes of the ornaments are, there is only one reality, i.e. gold. So also with the bodies and the Self. The reality is the Self. To identify oneself with the body and yet to seek happiness, is like attempting to ford a lake on the back of an alligator. The body identity is due to extroversion and the wandering of the mind. To continue in that state will only keep one in an endless tangle and there will be no peace.”
– Ramana Maharishi

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