Growing Old or Growing Up

Image result for stop time and mindGrowing old is not of any worth; every animal does it, it needs no intelligence. Growing up is a totally different experience. Growing old is horizontal; growing up is vertical, it leads you to heights, it leads you to depths.   And strangely enough, you will be surprised to know that time is horizontal. One moment passes, another moment comes, another moment, another moment … in a line, a horizontal line. Time is horizontal, and mind is also horizontal. One thought is followed by another thought, and by another thought, and by another thought, but in a line, in a row, a procession, or just a traffic — but it is going horizontal.   Meditation is vertical. It is going beyond mind and beyond time. And perhaps, ultimately you will find that time and mind are equivalent, two names of the same phenomenon — the horizontal procession of thoughts, of moments.   Meditation is to stop time and mind both, and suddenly you start rising up in eternity. Eternity is not part of time, and eternity is not a thought; it is an experience.

-What is Meditation? by Osho

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