Controlling others

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The 4 Control Dramas

Almost all humans, because of their upbringing, manipulate for energy either aggressively (directly forcing people to pay attention to them), or passively (playing on people’s sympathy or curiosity to gain attention).

There are four main methods used to get energy, called “Control Dramas“:

Intimidators take energy from others by threat (either verbally or physically). You are forced, for fear of something bad happening to you, to pay attention to them and so to give them energy. This is the most aggressive kind of drama.

Interrogators take it by judging and questioning. These people verbally take control of conversations and make the other person feel inferior through persistent questioning.

Aloof people attract attention (and energy) to themselves by playing coy. These people get attention by retelling silly things they have done, acting clueless and relying on others to make decisions.

Poor me’s make us feel guilty and responsible for them. They complain and whinge about problems, offering no solutions. They make you feel guilty when you’re in their presence, even though you know there is no reason to feel that way. Everything they say and do puts you in a place where you have to defend against the idea that you’re not doing enough for them.

Become aware of the family dynamics that may have created your control drama(s), so you can focus on this question: Are my interactions worthwhile and honest or pointless and stress inducing?

Once cleared of control dramas, you can build energy through:

Contemplation and meditation
Focusing on your basic life question
Trusting and using your intuitions
Analyzing dreams (decoding your subconscious)
Being aware of synchronistic coincidences
And most importantly, always seeking enlightenment

and have access to the universal energy!

– The Celestine Prophecy by James Redman

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