How to Still The Mind

“If you try and still the mind,
it will be the mind
trying to still the mind.

Rather become aware
of the mind.
Become aware
of the flow of thoughts.
Not to define the thought
or relate to the thought.
But to impersonally
be aware of the thought arising
and disappearing
without any attachment
or aversion to it.

In witnessing the thoughts,
they will become more subtle.

First the thoughts
will become impersonal.
You will experience visions
and dreamlike states
that have nothing
to do with you or your personal life.

At this stage of witnessing
you are free 
from individual identification
and there is deep peace.

Continue to witness
the flow of thoughts
and you will begin to experience
the thoughts as movements
of energy that arise and burn away.

And in witnessing 
this movement of energy,
thoughts need not ever
fully manifest as a thought.

They become more 
and more subtle
until they are no more.

In this way,
the mind may be stilled.

But still, it should not
be a goal to still the mind.

You will drive yourself nuts
trying to still the mind.

It is through witnessing
that there is freedom.


Kip Mazuy

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