‘He Decided Very Young to Write His Own Life Story’

Bill Clinton Eulogizes Muhammad Ali

“I think he decided something that I hope every young person here will decide, I think he decided very young to write his own life story,” he said.

“I think he decided before he could have possibly worked it all out and before fate and time could work their will on him, he decided he would never be disempowered, he decided not his grace nor his place nor the expectations of others would strip from him the power to write his own story,” Clinton continued.

“He figured out from a very young age who he was and what he believed and how he could live through the consequences of acting in line with his beliefs,” he said. “Not many people make it to that last step.” Continue reading

Positive framing – converting emotions such as fear or stress into opportunity

Positive psychologists have shown that some people tend to frame the world optimistically, others pessimistically. Optimists often have an edge: in our survey, three-quarters of the respondents who were particularly good at positive framing thought they had the right skills to lead change, while only 15 percent of those who weren’t thought so. Continue reading