They change big, complicated things with their bare hearts…

“…Activists are the coolest people on the planet. They change big, complicated things with their bare hearts. They punch more than their weight And when they fail, they fail nobly. To be an activist you need more than an agenda and a clever campaign. You need a set of values that will set you apart from the courtiers and the wannabes.

Honesty: Activists are truth tellers. They are authentic. They don’t sacrifice their integrity for personal political gain. Their views cannot be bought and sold in the marketplace for perks and prestige. They speak the “unspeakables”Compassion: Activists love the entire community. They are not interested in securing narrow sectarian advantage. Their goal is to create as big a legacy as possible for as many as possible.

Humility: Activists are terribly ambitious for their cause, but personally humble. They are arrogant enough to believe they actually can change the world, but they’re not glory hogs. Their egos never get in the way of making something happen.

Pragmatism: Activists are more interested in action than in rhetoric They’re not searching for Utopia; they’re trying to make stuff happen right here, right now. They prefer real progress to grand gestures.

Fearlessness: Activists are courageous. Their passion for their cause regularly overrides their sense of self-protection. They don’t jump on land mines for the hell of it but neither are they afraid to do battle with the defenders of the status quo…”

Gary Hamel in Leadership of the Revolution, Harvard Business School Press, August 2000


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