Seeking vs Understanding

Image result for nisargadatta understandingSeeking is based on some reason, Understanding is without any! Seeking is with an effort and purpose, Understanding is spontaneous and effortless! Understanding is absent in Seeking, While the ‘seeker’ is absent in the Understanding! Seeking consists of seeker, seeking and the sought, While this trinity is utterly absent in the Understanding! Search consists of search, searcher and the searched, Understanding denies the very ‘searcher’! Seeking consists of stages, intervals and may be some practices, While the Understanding is eternal and despite of them! Seeking has an aim, While nature of Understanding is itself aim-less! Seeking is supported by listening, reading or pondering, While Understanding is Self-sustaining (Independent)! Fear of forgetting gathered knowledge prevails in Seeking, While even the thought of having understood is absent in Understanding! Background of Seeking is duality, While Understanding is groundless Non-Duality! Seeking is an ever changing state, Whereas Understanding, a ‘stateless’ state! In Seeking, lock exists and search for the key happens, While in Understanding, clear conviction prevails that lock and key were never separate!

Nothing is Everything: The Quintessential Teachings Of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Mohan Gaitonde

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