When you are alive , where is the problem?

Image result for three old men on a benchThree old men were sitting in a park, discussing the inevitable, death. One old man of seventy-three said, “When I die I would like to be buried with Abraham Lincoln, the greatest man, loved by all.” Another said, “I would like to be buried with Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist, humanitarian, philosopher, lover of peace.”

Then they both looked at the third, who was ninety-three. He said, “I would like to be buried with Sophia Loren.” They both felt annoyed, angry and they said, “But she is still alive.” That old man said, “So am I!” This old man must have been something rare. Ninety-three, and he said, “So am I!”

Why should life be worried about death? Why should life think about death? When you are alive, where is the problem? But the mind creates the problem. Then you get puzzled.


The Empty Boat: Encounters with Nothingness (OSHO Classics) 

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