Look at the path, and do something

Two men were once lost in a forest. It was very dangerous, the forest was so dense, it was night, darkness and wild animals all around. One man was a philosopher and the other was a mystic – one a man of doubt, the other a man of faith. Suddenly, there was a storm, a crashing of the clouds, and great lightning. The philosopher looked at the sky, the mystic looked at the path. In that moment of lightning, the path was before him, illuminated. The philosopher looked at the lightning, and started wondering, “What is happening?” and missed the path. You are lost in a forest denser than that in the story. The night is darker. Sometimes lightning comes. Look at the path.

Just let this story penetrate you, and forget it. Through this story the path is illuminated. Look at the path, and do something. Follow the path, act. Only action will lead you, not thinking, because thinking goes on in the head, it can never become total. Only when you act, it is total.

The Empty Boat: Encounters with Nothingness (OSHO Classics)

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