Book of the Month : The Heart Sutra: Becoming a Buddha through Meditation

In this series of talks, Osho introduces his audience to Gautama the Buddha and his great contribution to the development of human consciousness and the science of meditation. Each talk examines an excerpt from the classic Buddhist text known as the “Heart Sutra.”

With his unique ability to translate ancient and often obscure language into fresh and contemporary terms, Osho brings Buddha’s teachings to life and shows how they are even more relevant today than they were in Buddha’s time. His responses to questions from the audience further illuminate the ways in which Buddha’s message of pure awareness can inform and enrich every aspect of our everyday lives.

I salute the buddha within you. You may not be aware of it, you may not have ever dreamed about it – that you are a buddha, that nobody can be anything else, that buddhahood is the very essential core of your being, that it is not something to happen in the future, that it has happened already. It is the very source you come from; it is the source and the goal too. It is from buddhahood that we move, and it is to buddhahood that we move. This one word, buddhahood, contains all – the full circle of life, from the alpha to the omega. But you are fast asleep, you don’t know who you are. Not that you have to become a buddha, but only that you have to recognize it, that you have to return to your own source, that you have to look within yourself…… – Osho

“These are the most important Sutras in the great Buddhist literature. Hence they are called The Heart Sutra; it is the very heart of the Buddhist message.” – Osho

“Buddhahood is not something to be attained. It already exists at the essential core of your being. It just needs to be uncovered. The buddha nature is found through the practice of looking inwards.” – Osho

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