our impact on others is more powerful than we may ever suspect

Image result for our thoughts Our thoughts impact on the lives of others, not only in prayer but also in mental telepathy. With every thought we think, we are either helping or hurting, aiding or hindering the person to whom or about whom the thought is directed. With the cumulative effect of our repeated thought patterns, we build thought forms which actually stand between ourselves and our attunement with others; and our impact on others is more powerful than we may ever suspect. Therefore, we must not only try to understand the power of the mind, but we must also assume responsibility for its effect; and we must with great diligence utilize this ability to pattern and direct energy only for constructive purposes. It is only when we have taken charge of our thoughts and given them positive direction, that we achieve a major step in our soul development.

The Edgar Cayce Primer: Discovering the Path to Self Transformation
by Herbert Puryear

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