True Nature of Prayer

Question : I want to ask something from God. What should I ask?

Osho: Go to God’s door as a lover, not as a beggar.….
…….Firstly : don’t ask for anything. That is meditation, that is feeling, that is the state of no mind. Secondly: if you do ask, then ask for godliness, ask for such a kindness that you can be accepted.

But if this much love has not arisen, then just ask that your heart is filled with love:

Fill my heart with so much love today
That I become a rejoicing lamp.
Place a drop of honey on my tongue today
So that I can even drink venom, singing.

Don’t fall below this. If you go below this then prayer becomes completely corrupted, it is no longer prayer.

From Die O Yogi Die By Osho

Listening, accepting, learning to identify the distractions of your ego world and then separating yourself from their authority over you, absorbing the tranquility of the graces and quietly, gradually learning the subtle and sublime differences in their sensations.

And finally, absorbing others into this growing field of tranquility, transmitting the silence of the soul to others – for healing, for counsel, for wisdom, for peace. This is the true nature of prayer.

-Caroline Myss

“Prayer is a form of intention; however, there is a difference between begging for something and stating your own worth as the receiver of an answered prayer. However, in order to do this fully you have to believe you are supported in prayer, or in your intention, or whichever way you want to describe this process for yourself given your history and your vocabulary. If you believe that there is a God who is saying no all the time, that will be your experience.

– Paul Selig from I  am the Word


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