Everyone who has come into my life has been and is my teacher

I have learnt that life keeps bringing the same lessons to us again and again until we finally learn from them and move on.

Healing Journey Options

In my two relationships, I had to face the same lesson repeatedly, until I finally learnt not to shoot the messenger but to listen to the message. I learnt about karma. Nothing happens to us in life without a reason, as we sow so shall we reap. Whether we sow this life or in previous lives, we will always reap the consequences of our actions. I am responsible for every suffering, pain and hurt that has come my way. I am sorry for the anguish and hurt i have caused to others. I have learnt that I am responsible for creating my own reality.When the burden of life becomes unbearable , I trust and surrender to the divinity, asking for help in enduring the hard times. Everyone who has come into my life has been and is my teacher. I have leant to look at each relationship as an opportunity for growth. I try to reduce the weight of past wounding experiences through forgiveness and love. I believe I have the power every moment to transform my reality.

– From ‘My True Reality’ by Dr.Huzan S. Daver 

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