Three Stages in the Awakening of Intuition by Paramhansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda Standard Pose.jpgIntuition is developed through meditation. The more you meditate and reason in a calm state, the more intuition you will have. Calm reason and calm feeling lead to true intuition. Spiritually advanced souls use their intuition in everything they do, and thus accomplish the seemingly impossible.

I was once at the hermitage of my Guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar, when he was away for a few days. He wrote me a letter saying that he was arriving by train at nine o’clock, and that I should meet him. A friend of mine, a new devotee, was also waiting with me. As nine o’clock approached, he said, “Let us go and meet your Master now.”

When I said, “Not yet,” he was astonished. I said that because I had intuitively received Master’s message that he wasn’t coming on the nine o’clock train. My friend, however, went to the station and waited and waited, but Master did not come. Finally he came back.

Shortly afterwards I said, “Let us both go now.”

My friend replied, “Your Master writes you to meet him at nine o’clock and you would not go, but now you want to take me to meet him?”

I said, “Never mind. You will see. The train will be arriving just as we get there. It will be filled with light and my Master will be on that train. When he approaches us, a little boy with a silver jug will be walking in front of him. Master’s first words to me will be, ‘Did you get my message?’”

I went to the station with my friend and sure enough, just as we got there, the train pulled in and Master appeared. There was a little boy with a silver jug just ahead of him.

As soon as Master saw me, he said, “Did you get my message?”

Then he turned and said to the new disciple, “Your mind is too restless and that is why you didn’t get my message.”…

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