Catching a Glimpse

Sometimes just watching the sun rise in the morning, you are overtaken by a wave of peace. Or sometimes at night, lying down on the ground and gazing up at the stars above, suddenly , all is filled with silence. Or in a moment of love, or listening to some music, or seeing a dancer perform, something becomes a dance with you too. In such moments you catch a glimpse of that music. It is this glimpse that you sometimes call happiness, sometimes peace, sometimes the juice of life. you have given it many names. But this glimpse is simply revealing that there are times when, in the presence of some outer phenomenon, you become integrated inside. For a moment, all your outer clamour ceases and notes within you fall into a harmony. For a moment, the waves become the ocean and it is as if a door inside you opens. Even though it is only for a second, you have a glimse, and whole world becomes a different place. This is the potential. You will only experience fragments, you will only hear some far distant echo.

– Osho from The Voice of Silence


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