We are all waves of one vast ocean…

You were in a state of non-duality before your birth, and after death you will return to that same state. Just for a while, in between, there is this wave with all its sound and fury , its momentary rising and its dance in the sunshine. And so for a time the wave gets the idea that “I also exist”. The thundering waves of the Pacific Ocean: Scientists have found evidence of an ecosystem 2.5km beneath the surface of the ocean, actually inside the basalt of the Earth's crustEach wave must feel that it is separate from the ocean, it must. And it must also feel that all waves rising around it are separate from it. It must feel like this – and there is a logic behind it. If the wave has its logic , if it has its own intelligence, then it will wonder, “How can I be one with other waves?” It may think, “Some waves are so small, some are so big. We are all so different – how can it be that we are all one?” It will also wonder, “Some waves are falling , while I am just beginning to rise, s how can I be one with the falling waves? If I were one with the falling waves, I would be falling too. Or if a falling wave were really one with me, it would also be rising, like I am.”

You looking around you and you see that someone is dying and you are young; someone has grown old and someone else is a child – how can we all be one? If we were all one, then when you die, they should all die with you.

But we know that even if one wave is rising and the other wave is falling, all waves are one, they are all joined at the center. And the falling wave is going back into the same water that the other wave is rising from. At the depths there is no difference between these two waves – all this is just the play of one ocean. Just for a little while the wave has taken a form ; then the form is lost and only the formless remains.

We too are nothing more than waves.

– Osho from The Voice of Silence

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