Michael Clarke: Phillip Hughes made me a better man; I’ll miss you forever my friend

AS I stood in the centre of the SCG on Thursday night, at the spot where my little brother played his last shot, I struggled to comprehend how this tragedy could happen to one of life’s true characters and gentlemen.

I resolved then and there to write this tribute to Phillip Hughes.

I want to use the occasion of this, his 26th birthday, to shine a bit more light onto Phillip — the man he was and the life he led — which will help explain the extraordinary outpouring of support from inside, and outside, the world cricket family.

His cricketing achievements — of which there were many — really play second fiddle to the human qualities that he exhibited.

Loyal to a fault, eternally optimistic, kind hearted, wicked sense of humour, a child like verve for life … I really could go on and on.

Sitting with his parents Greg and Virginia, sister Megan and brother Jason over the past few days it struck me that above all, he was a family man.


Michael Clarke and Phillip Hughes at NSW Blues cricket training at the SCG. Picture: Greg

Clarke and Hughes at the SCG

Clarke pictured with Hughes

Clarke pictured with Hughes



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