a humble heart draws the heaven to itself….

Have you ever seen a pigeon’s nest? Broken, messy and sometimes it’s not even there, have you wondered why it is so?

There was a time when pigeons used to lay eggs in the bushes; fox would come and eat the eggs. When pigeons couldn’t find a way to guard the eggs they went to the sparrows for help. 

Sparrows said, ‘There is no other option but to build a nest on the tree.’

Pigeons made a nest, but it wasn’t done properly. Finally, they decided to take help from the sparrows to build the nest.

The birds were happy to teach the pigeons to make a good nest. When they had just begun to build the nest, pigeons said.. ‘Even we know how to build it like this, we will make it on our own.’

So the birds went back and the pigeons tried hard but were unable to build the nest properly. They went to the birds again. Irritated, the birds started teaching how to lay the straws the right way. Even before half the work was completed the pigeons jumped in, saying.. ‘we know how to do it this way.’

The birds left and the pigeons kept at it, but they could not build the nest.
When they went to the birds again, they bluntly refused and said.. ‘No one can teach anything to a creature who knows nothing and believes that he knows everything.’

The ignorant pigeons could not learn anything from anyone because of ego, and till date their nest isn’t like that of other birds.. they are only able to make messy, broken nests.

We think that we know everything but there is a lot we really don’t know! It is only our ego that can stop our progress and nothing else. The secret of success in life is to always keep learning!

The ego is like a black hole which exerts a tremendous gravitational pull on our consciousness. It does not allow it to grow. Where as an egoless heart, a humble heart draws the heaven to itself.’

– Daaji

( Contributed by Mr Bala Sunder)

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