Everything in this vast universe works meticulously by some mysterious power

Two hermits planted saplings to grow olives. They needed olive oil for their prayer. One of them took charge of the plant. Prayed to God for rain, for sunshine and for frost. God granted them all. Yet his plant eventually perished. While the other hermit left the plant to God’s care. Asked for nothing. It grew well and yielded abundant olives. So is it with life. Everything in this vast universe works meticulously by some mysterious power. The human intellect cannot conceive it. How the infinite beings and things orchestrate into the melody of existence. One ought not to disturb this harmony by one’s personal egocentric preferences. If you choose to assert your ego, then that unknown power seems to hand over the reins of control to you. You then lose its grace. Whereas, you surrender your ego to that unknown scheme of nature, you would receive its sovereignty.

Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities by A. Parthasarathy

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