Knowledge helps you understand and appreciate whilst wisdom enables you to live by it…..

People who are well read, well informed invariably fail to live up to what they have learnt. They may appreciate a beautiful trait and not be able to imbibe it. They possess the knowledge but not the wisdom to live by it. One could know the highest principles of life and personally not follow them. You need a developed intellect to reflect upon the knowledge to assimilate it, absorb it. Knowledge then sublimates into wisdom. Thereafter it manifests in your thought, word and deed.Image result for knowledge vs wisdom

……paradoxical behaviour arises when your knowledge has not matured into wisdom. With knowledge you understand and appreciate whatever. While wisdom enables you to live by it. It is essential therefore to convert your knowledge into wisdom. You can do it by the process of reflection known as manana. Your intellect must cogitate, reflect over and over upon the knowledge acquired until you digest, absorb it. Make it your own. The information you receive from external agencies must bring about your internal transformation. Then alone does knowledge metamorphose into wisdom. You then begin to live that knowledge…..

The Fall of the Human Intellect by A. Parthasarathy

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