Creativity : to bring forth something that does not yet exist..

Image result for creativeBarnum explains: The creative process is a process of finding, not of projecting something already seen and known in one’s mind. Artists do not manifest an already-finished mental picture; they hunt in a distinct medium, within the limits of its inherent properties, for an arrangement of that medium that accords with an inspiration. We see Picasso destroy as willingly as he creates. One has to be willing to let go in a kind of fierce way—to fiercely overcome any tendency to hold on to cherished parts at the expense of the emergence of the whole. Picasso is not after a beautiful face or a wonderful hand: he’s after a whole composition that conveys specific ideas and feelings. He finds the form that serves the function. The needed inner gestures here are fearlessness in letting go of what isn’t working and boldness in proposing new solutions……

……The word creativity is used so loosely that we often forget its essential meaning: to bring forth something that does not yet exist.

Collaborating with the Enemy: How to Work with People You Don’t Agree with or Like or Trust
Adam Kahane

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